Beauty Blog #10 - Skinside Out - By Robyn McAlpine.

Let me take you back to this time last year. I was sitting in a cafe with my hubbys beautiful cousin/dear friend of mine, and we were talking between her photography experiences and people she has met through her business, and my dream to soon open a salon.

Taylah dropped a name of someone she knew and adored, Robyn McAlpine, who owns Skintifix in Newcaslte, which happens quite often as she is so beautifully passionate about business. I instantly looked her up on social media and found her book online, ordered it that day and waited intently for it to arrive (it was a long wait as i am super impatient and the book was on back order! Goes to show how amazing it is!)

Anywho, the book arrived. I was eyeballs deep in it every second i had free. In the bath tub, in bed morning and night, on the lounge on rainy days, and outside in the grass and sunshine, it soon became my happy place!
Now keep in mind that I have studied a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, and it was quite intensive when it comes to Skin Biology and the body’s systems. But i learnt more from this book than I could explain in this blog, and one major thing I learnt, is that I was right when I was thinking that skin doesn’t have to be so complicated, and neither does your skin care routine. It’ actually the opposite.

If you are genuine about wanting to turn your skin care routine around, to look after your skin from the inside out and would like to understand it in a way that is actually comprehensible, than this book is for you and this blog is your sign that you’re in the right place.

Once you’ve read it, I would LOVE to talk to you about it!

Caity x