Beauty Blog #2 Why Natural?

Why not? Why do we need chemicals, toxins, additives, unnatural preservatives and emulsifiers, mineral oils, acids etc to treat our skin? Our bodies? To treat ourselves and take care of ourselves? We are a NATURAL being, of which does not require nasties to function efficiently, its quite the opposite really.

We know that a healthy diet full of fruit, vegetables, protein and lots of water is the key to a healthy being on the inside, why is it any different for the outside? After all, what goes onto the outer secretes through to the inner.

Well, it wasn’t until i finished my Diploma of Beauty Therapy that i had a sudden realisation of the ingredients that are in our everyday products. I switched out my Detol spray and wipe for Koh, an all natural and safe cleaning product, Australian made, and it works BETTER than the nasty products. I started to buy natural shower products, soap free and chemical free, all natural of course.

At the end of the day, what is the point of using skin “care” that does not serve any nutritional value what so ever? That in fact does not “care” for us at all?

It is so easy to fall into the gimmicks from packaging and marketing that promise you the world for your skin conditions. And why wouldn’t we? Oil free cleanser to an oily skin type sounds like the perfect antidote, but its not! Its going to strip your skin from the nutrients that are in your natural sebum (oil), and cause sensitivity and skin barrier disorders (shameless plug - come to see me if you need any advice on your skin type and conditions). The truth is, supermarket companies are out to get you and your money, by including a teenie weenie amount of a specific ingredient so they can say its in there and will do wonders for you, when in reality, that teenie weenie amount of chamomile or grapefruit extract is completely covered with god knows what, eliminating its ability to do its job.

This is a recipe for disaster, as the products are not providing any beneficial effects for your skin concerns, you don’t see any progress, become frustrated, and turn to the next best thing on the shelf, starting the process again and causing further damage. How do you really know what products to buy if you don’t know what your skin genuinely needs? This is where i come in!

Organic Spa is my chosen skin care line. They are;

  • Australian Made

  • 100% naturally derived ingredients

  • Organic certified

  • Vegan, animal cruelty free

  • Eco friendly, their bottles are 100% recyclable, and are now being made from Ocean Waste Plastic (yes, you read that right), how AMAZING is that!?

  • Their factories are powered solely from the sun!

They support local suppliers wherever possible

These products are results driven, based on facts and truth that the ingredients work harmoniously together to give you exactly what you read on the packaging.

The healthy, clean, chemical free beauty industry is the one i want to be associated with. Organic Spa is the direction for me with my home care routine, what about you?

Take a sneak at their website, and contact me if you wish to purchase, come in to the salon :)

Caity x