Beauty Blog #3 KEEPING IT SIMPLE: Skin Types and Conditions

Okay, so ill keep it easy to understand, and by that, i mean suuuppperrr user friendly, because we are ALL about keeping it simple.

SKIN TYPES; Do not change. You only have one skin type for your whole life :) Normal - Healthy oil flow around the nose and chin, no dry skin anywhere else on the face, no oil flow anywhere else on the face.

  • Combination - Higher levels of oil flow on the “T ZONE” - Nose, chin, forehead, dry skin on the edges of the face.

  • Dry - No oil flow what so ever.

  • Oily - Consistent oil flow on the entire face.

To determine your skin type, it is only possible to have a thorough analysis through a qualified Beauty Therapist, as they are equipped with the appropriate tools and knowledge to do so. It is also important to know your skin type prior to purchasing any skin care products, to ensure you choose the perfect harmony of ingredients.

SKIN CONDITIONS; Change as influences make an impact on the skin. Conditions are treatable. E.g A dehydrated skin will benefit form drinking 2L of water a day and a hydrating moisture protective to lock in hydration.

  • Dehydration - A very common condition seen in allot of skins. Countless factors come into this condition including lack of water consumption, environmental factors, air conditioning, hormonal influences, skin care routine etc.

  • Premature Ageing - Sun spots, excess pigmentation, flaking/crepe paper like textured skin, fine lines and wrinkles. This condition is cause by exposure to the sun over a long period of time, lack of sun protection, the use of tanning beds, repetitive sunburn, excess use of alcohol and cigarettes.

  • Pigmentation - Caused by not just sun exposure, but by hormones also. When our melanocyte cells are triggered to become over active, they create so much melanin (pigment of which determines our skin colour), that our cells cant hold onto it and it is dropped into the bi-layers of the skin, which therefore can not grow out as we naturally desquamate (the shedding of our dead skin cells).

  • Acne - Can be caused by hormonal contributions (puberty, mature aged acne). Is also common in an oily skin type as we tend to see a higher level of congestion, with larger open pore that can easily fill with daily debri and become trapped in the skin.

Please take into consideration your skins needs when choosing products, and remember, “Not all skin care, is skin CARE” - Robyn McAlpine.

I’m here and waiting with my naturally derived products when you’re ready to put your skins needs first, and start to give your self the lovin’ that you deserve!