Beauty Blog #4 Are you a popaholic?

Why do we tell you not to POP those pimples? Its a well known fact that beauty therapists are against criminal popping. But do you know why? Its not just frowned upon because we think we should be the ones to take care of them for you, there is cold hard facts around the subject!

There a lots of different types of pimples, believe it or not!

Pustules; Is when you can visibly see the white matter under the skin. They are caused from excess oil and skin cells becoming trapped inside the follicle. Its okay to gently give these a squeeze after you have had a shower, and don't over do it or you will cause damage and inflammation.

Blackheads; These are black or brown in colour, often hard to remove as they are lodged into the skin, the reason for their colour is from oxygen, not the colour of the contents, as they are not covered like a pustule. I can extract these during a facial with the help of hot towels and steam.

Papules; Are pimples that are deeper under the skin, these are sometimes known as "blind pimples". They are often large and sore but un-poppable due to their location. They are generally inflamed, sore and red.

So why shouldn't we pop or pick? Put aside our filthy hands that have touched the dog, the toilet, handled money and opened countless public doors, our skin works overtime for us each and every day, and you can bet your bottom dollar that underneath that papule is increased blood flow to support the area to fight any signs of infection and clear out the contents. Squeezing any pimple thats just not ready to let go of its comfortable home in your follicle, will make it cranky, red, inflamed and even more sore! Let them be unless you KNOW you can safely squeeze without causing damage, otherwise I’ll in my see you in my salon in 3 months asking me to help your scarred skin, which is allot harder than leaving a pimple alone in the first place.

In the mean time, i stock an amazing product from Organic Spa called Blemish Control. Pop a small amount on your blemishes to support their healing process.