Beauty Blog #5 The Truth About Makeup Wipes!

I look back on my teenage years, and what my skin care routine consisted of, now don’t hold your breath or wander off for a cup of tea or a bag of popcorn, this will be super fast.

2 makeup remover wipes and an Olay Sensitive Skin face cream (note i was using sensitive skin products as my skin was so irritated and sensitive due to the wipes!). That’s it. I would cover my face with foundation and powder using a sponge from big w that i had never cleaned (gross, but real!). I would spend my day in a classroom packed with sweaty hormonal teenagers, or i would work 8 hours in a takeaway shop leaning over hot oil and fast food all day. I would come home, wipe my makeup off with a wipe, feel the burn and irritation caused by rubbing chemicals into my skin, smother my face with cream and lay in bed for the remnants of my day to soak into my pillow and cause bacteria growth, congestion and in return- acne. Wow, that really was worthy of a bag of pop corn!

Wheres the proof? You may say. Well if you’re asking me this question than i’m assuming you’ve never had anyone pull you up on this habit that you need to stop ASAP.

Makeup remover wipes are essentially cloths soaked in makeup remover, emulsifiers, preservatives, carcinogenics, loads of toxins and chemicals. THEY DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO THOROUGHLY CLEAN YOUR FACE! Yes, your skin may LOOK clean because the visible makeup is gone, but girl, your skin isn’t covered in a magical waterproof and pore less shield. Its covered in your Acid Mantle, a living breathing PH balanced barrier that can easily be broken down and damaged by the use of products such as makeup wipes. And i’m telling you right now that if you use them, your Acid Mantle is 100% damaged to some extent.

What does this mean? It means that chemicals and bacteria have an easy stroll into your skins layers, and hydration and nutrients seep out and disappear. No to mention that your skin is becoming more and more clogged of makeup and bacteria each and every day as it sits deep into your epidermis (the top layer of skin). Any skin care following a makeup wipe is pointless and you’re essentially throwing your money down the drain.

If you use these nasty products, and cant work out why your skin feels tight, has dry patches, dehydration lines, early signs of ageing (no i’m not being dramatic!), acne, congestion, sensitivity, redness, inflammation and so on, you now know why,

Come and see me! Ill create a routine for your skin to begin healing, and get you on the path of plump, hydrated, healthy skin.

You’re welcome x