Beauty Blog #6 The Truth About Acetone!

I have such a passion for all products chemical free. If you open my cupboard underneath my kitchen sink, you’ll find an organic and natural dish washing liquid and a product i use to clean my whole house called Koh (formally known as Eco Worx). I believe that we can still endure luxury without being vulnerable to ingredients that can in large amounts, severely damage our quality of life.

This blog will be an in depth description of the chemical Acetone. It is generally found in nail polish remover, and is used as a 100% chemical to dissolve gel polish. By the end of this blog you will understand why i DO NOT offer gel polish as a service in my salon, including the removal of gel polish.

What is Acetone? Acetone is a highly flammable chemical that burns rapidly. It is found in generic nail polish remover.

Where is it found and how is it used? Acetone is found in the exhaust of cars and trucks, tobacco smoke and landfills. It is used to make plastic, fibres, drugs and chemicals. It is used as a solvent, which means it has the ability to dissolve elements.

Acetone enters our body through our lungs and is absorbed through our skin, in the beauty industry. It actually turns your skin white when soaking your gel nails. It is than carried via our blood to ALL of our organs!

Breathing in a moderate to high amount of acetone over a period of time can cause dizziness, headaches, confusion, a faster pulse, nausea, effects on the blood, passing out, vomiting, a shorter menstrual cycle in women and possible coma.

If acetone becomes oxidised, it becomes acetone peroxide, which is a highly unstable compound, which in returns makes it a highly reactive and explosive chemical.

I hope that you all understand the lengths of horror chemicals can take on your body, even if you cant see it. Is the perfect gel manicure worth the health risk? Ive only touched on the chemical that removes your gel, there is so much more in the gel polish itself that is shocking.