Becoming a Mum made me a warmer Beauty Therapist

I fell pregnant the week before I opened my salon (unintentionally, but NOT an accident)

Sonny is the best thing that ever happened to us, in more ways than one. He lights up our lives with his vibrant personality, his funny little waddle run, and i just LOVE him to bits!

I would say that 90% of my clients (yep, that's you guys!) are Mummas, and my days are just full of interesting, meaningful and sometimes deep conversations, because we connect! We have mutual aspects in life, our children. 
I have gained many friendships within my little salon, solely due to the fact that we laugh and cry over the same things. For example, I posted a story on instagram a few days ago of Sonny tipping the whole box of cereal (a brand new one might i add) onto the floor at 7am, and every single reply was from a mum, PLUS we laughed about it all day, and continued to share stories of our children. 

Before Sonny was born, it just was not the same. Sure, we all got along, but there was allot of small talk, which has now turned into life experiences and special moments. There is just some things you don't understand until you become a mum.

I feel so honoured to share these moments of your life, and mine, with you.

Caity xx